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TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Terms and Conditions, T&C)


  1. Playcus Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Publisher") offers Creators the opportunity to inquire about the possibility of cooperation through carrying out publishing tests and marketing research (hereinafter – Testing Process) of Creator’s Product performance. Hereinafter, the term “Product” means Games and Applications. 

  2. Publisher will provide professional review and consultation to improve the Product. 

  3. Publisher will cover all expenses for publishing tests and marketing research. 

  4. These terms and conditions ("T&C") govern the inquiry and testing process of the Product. By making an inquiry, Creator agrees to be bound by these T&Cs.


Inquiry Process:

  1. Making an inquiry means submitting a Product via the website, granting access to the Product in any form, disclosing any information about the Product, sending an email to the Publisher, or using SDK key or any other codes or specific keys provided by the Publisher.


Testing Process:

  1. Publisher has the right to conduct tests using marketing and analytical technologies. Tests of the Product are performed on the Creator's account or any other accounts. To properly test the Product, the Creator must enable SDK keys or any other codes or specific keys provided by the Publisher according to Publisher’s instructions. If, after Testing Process, Creator does not intend to continue cooperation with the Publisher, Creator is obliged to delete SDK keys or any other codes or specific keys provided by the Publisher.


Product Performance Test Results:

  1. Publisher may provide the Creator with the results of the Product Performance Test (metrics). Results of the Product Performance Test (metrics) are confidential information of the Publisher. Creator is not allowed to disclose the results of the Product Performance Test (metrics) to third parties.


Income Sharing:

  1. During the Product Performance Test, income is not shared between the Publisher and the Creator.


Creator's Warranties and Obligations:

  1. By making the inquiry, Creator signifies that Creator has read and agreed to be bound by these T&Cs.

  2. Creator declares and warrants that he has the right to make the inquiry. Creator further warrants that he has the full authority to enter into and to comply with these T&Cs, and that making the inquiry shall not result in any breach of any agreements, obligations or judgments, shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any third party. 

  3. The Creator is solely responsible for the Product, and any losses that may result from violating applicable laws or regulations.

  4. In the event of a breach of the Creator's warranties or obligations regarding the inquiry, access, or disclosure of Product-related information, the Creator shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Publisher from any claims, liabilities, suits, losses, damages, costs, and expenses.


Publisher's disclaimer:

  1. The Publisher shall take reasonable efforts to answer inquiries in a reasonable time. A Creator understands that an inquiry does not impose any obligation on Publisher to review the Product, nor to revert with any response.

  2. The Publisher shall not be liable for any damages and losses resulting from the Creator's inquiry and Product-related activities. 

  3. The Publisher's decision not to exercise a right or waive a default shall not constitute a waiver of that right or future defaults. The Publisher may still exercise its rights at a later time and is not prevented from doing so by previous actions.



  1. By making an inquiry, the Creator acknowledges that the Publisher will store and process Creator’s personal information, such as names, email addresses, or contact details, for the purpose of reviewing the inquiry and Product-related activities. In accordance with the GDPR/CCPA/CPRA/LGPD/PIPL or any other applicable acts and regulations (Data Protection Regulations) in the field of personal data protection, participants can request access, rectification, or deletion of their personal information for legitimate reasons by contacting

  2. These T&Cs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus. Any disputes arising from or related to these T&Cs shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cyprus.

  3. The Publisher reserves the right to amend these T&Cs at any time, and any such amendments will become effective immediately upon publication on the Publisher's website. The Creator is responsible for regularly reviewing these T&Cs and is deemed to have accepted any amendments by continuing to use the Publisher's services.

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